Meet Upwise!

Upwise is a financial wellness app that helps users make progress that feels good. With the right approach we believe that personal finances don't have to be stressful but can be a source of empowerment.

To shift this perception, the Upwise app provides guidance to common financial hurdles across four key areas: saving for a rainy day, taking control of finances, splurging from time to time and becoming debt free.

Product Design

Creative Direction


Video Production

A financial friendly face

With the launch of the app, we needed to create a marketing experience that would get soon to be users excited about taking control of their financial lives.

We started with a splash page that teased the launch while providing easy to digest information on what to expect from Upwise at launch.

Getting our users ready!

We created an activation teaser video announcing the product and showcasing the many features that user's could expect to engage with at launch.

The full experience

While marketing was fully underway, behind the scenes we were developing a visually rich marketing website with more robust information about the app.

For our clients

We designed an easy to manage backend dashboard where participating clients could manage their employee base.

Insights for some, data for others

We structured the dashboard first around easy to digest high-level insights based off user behavioral trends within the app. For those who want a deeper dive, we provided a robust view into all of the data.