Hey there!

I'm a Creative Director & Motion Designer


I'm based out of New York City and have 12+ years of agency and consulting experience. I specialize in digital product design and have a love and passion for motion design and animation.

Feel free to say hello@alanhfinch.com!

A little about me...

I’m a maker and a creator first and foremost. Learning new tools, iteratively working, applying design, and solving problems visually is what drives me every single day. With over thirteen years of experience, I have created experiences for clients across categories and industries. These experiences are varied in nature, from creating a multi-channel digital customer experience for Con Edison, the energy provider of New York, to creating marketing videos that help financial and healthcare institutions understand the vision and value of their products. I'm at my best when I'm collaborating with and leading motivated, like-minded creatives, where the focus is on the work and fostering a fun, productive environment. I have a passion for discovery and learning, and I am at my happiest when visually "playing" and exploring new ways to make and create.

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