UTX Music

Upright T-Rex Music, operating from NYC and LA, has transformed from a small, scrappy startup into an industry-leading shop, creating custom sound and music for an array of clients. Having outgrown their original branding, they required a new identity to reflect their success and journey.

Brand Design

Graphic Design

Creative Direction

The Inspiration: The People Around Us

The redesign was inspired by a combination of an original hand drawn logomark, sketched decades ago, and familial paintings known for their hand-crafted nature, and whimsy.

These elements were pivotal in guiding the creative direction, infusing the new brand with a unique character.

A Logo with Character

The logo was redesigned from the ground up to really leave its mark. The mark was reimagined to be bold and daring, regardless of its size.

Supria Sans - More Than Letters on a Screen

With a personality that mirrors UTX, Supria Sans is the visual voice of the brand, clear and easy to read, yet has the right amount of quirks.

Energetic, Vibrant, Playful

The color palette echoes UTX's sound philosophy. The brand colors carry a sense of liveliness without being overly serious, reflecting a fun and engaging ethos.