Your Trusted Energy Advisor

For Con Edison to shift to the digital age, they not only needed a digital evolution, they needed an updated brand to communicate and reflect their new way of thinking and operating. When they came to Wunderman Thompson, their customers, viewed them as "greedy bill collectors" and they came to Wunderman Thompson to help shift that perception to that of a Trusted Energy Advisor.

Con Edison needed a new brand that conveyed trust and friendliness. So we started with the basic building blocks to create a foundation for a new brand platform that revolved around trust and approachability.

Graphic Design

Creative Direction



Vision Work

Unified icons

To create a harmonious visual system, we started by deriving principles from the corporate logomark that would be the foundation for all icons and illustrations. These custom icons and illustrations helped give the brand an approachable personality.

Illustrations with style

The intricacies of energy delivery and transmission can be incredibly challenging to convey solely through photography — we decided that developing an illustration style would help us to better articulate the ins-and-outs of Con Edison's operations, while adding personality and sophistication to the brand.

Photography with intent

As part of our brand refresh, we wanted to celebrate the humanity and the people that powered Con Edison.

We worked with Con Edison's internal creative team to establish photography principles that would really shine a light on the people and infrastructure that powers Con Edison.