From spreadsheet to climate week

With climate change imminent and affecting all industries, The United Nations Environment Programme partnered with Oliver Wyman to create a web tool to help measure and calculate risk for financial institutions across all industries.

The team at Oliver Wyman had created an extremely comprehensive and impressive excel spreadsheet as a starting point. Our team's job was to translate that spreadsheet into an easy to use digital web tool.

We interviewed several financial analysts who would be the target audience for this tool. We heard and understood their use cases that in turn informed the UX and final digital experience.

Product Design

Creative Direction


Video Production

Not your ordinary financial model

The tool had to be easy to use and functional, but it could also be bold and engaging.

With this mandate, we leaned into large engaging photography and bold typography with intentional color to really push the design away from what you'd expect a traditional financial risk calculator tool to look like.

Kickoff to launch was about a 2-month long process. The web tool was announced and showcased at NYC Climate Week in 2020 and was broadly recognized within Oliver Wyman.